Terms & Conditions

Electric Ireland - Terms & Conditions of supply

By using the Business Online internet site and/or SME Premium Insights tool and/or Electric Ireland Flexible Product Manager, you (Customer) agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. Interpretation
  2. Access
  3. Electric Ireland's obligations
  4. Customer Obligations
  5. Data
  6. Disclaimer
  7. Intellectual property rights
  8. Governing law
  9. Validity
  10. Termination
  11. Variation

  1. Interpretation
    1. Access means the customer's access that is provided electronically via site.
    2. The customer means the person or entity named on the Business Online registration form or the person or entity named in the supply contract.
    3. Electric Ireland means the Electricity Supply Board of 2 Gateway, East Wall Road, Dublin 3, or one of its subsidiaries, depending upon the entity with whom the customer has its supply contract.
    4. The site means the Business Online internet website, including where applicable the SME Premium Insights tool and/or the Electric Ireland Flexible Product Manager, provided by Electric Ireland or any substitute or replacement thereof (“the site”).
    5. The user means any person authorized by the customer to use the site on behalf of the customer. "User Password" means a series of letters or numbers chosen by the user in order to obtain access.
  2. Access
    1. Electric Ireland agrees to provide customers with permission to access, use and interact on site subject to these terms and conditions.
    2. The customer must complete a registration form and/or name Customer Nominated Authorised Personnel in the supply contract in order to commence access. On submitting the registration form, the customer will be granted administrator permission to set up a number of users who may access the site. On naming Customer Nominated Authorised Personnel in the supply contract the customer grants authority for these Administrators to nominate additional authorised persons including authorised administrator persons. The number of users per customer will be set by Electric Ireland from time to time. The customer shall be solely responsible for managing its users and their access to the site.
    3. Customers using the Flexible Product Manager must use the Authy mobile application as an additional security layer.
    4. Electric Ireland reserves the right at its sole discretion to deny users access to the site or any part thereof without notice and to decline access to any customer and/or user that is in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Electric Ireland's obligations
    1. Electric Ireland shall:
      1. Exercise reasonable care in compiling the data on the site.
      2. Use reasonable efforts to make the site available to a customer at all times provided that Electric Ireland does not guarantee that the site shall be available at all times and shall not have any liability in the event that the site is unavailable due to maintenance, upgrading or alterations, or for any reason outside Electric Ireland’s reasonable control.
    2. To the extent that the law allows, Electric Ireland excludes all liability (whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise and whether or not due to any negligence on the part of Electric Ireland) including, without limitation, for loss or damage or any nature (whether direct, indirect or consequential) as a result of use of site, howsoever caused including, but not limited to:
      1. Any technical, factual, textual or typographical inaccuracies, errors or omissions on or relating to site or any information on the site or any reliance thereon;
      2. The unavailability of the site, or any part of it.
      3. Any person acting, or refraining from acting, as a result of data or information contained in site or any site linked to site.
      4. Any virus or other malware passed on or introduced to the customer as a result of accessing the site.
    3. The customer acknowledges that the very nature of communication via the internet restricts Electric Ireland from offering any guarantee to the privacy or confidentiality of information relating to the customer passing over the internet. In gaining access via the internet, the customer acknowledges and accepts that electronic communication may not be free from interference by unauthorized persons and may not remain confidential. The customer therefore accepts that access is at its own risk.
  4. Customer Obligations
    1. The Customer undertakes, and warrants that:
      1. Its systems are sufficient to access the site and have adequate safeguards against the upload or download of viruses and other malware.
      2. It shall provide appropriate training to Users in relation to the access.
      3. It shall take all necessary steps to ensure that only Users have access.
      4. It shall apply security measures in line with industry best practice against unauthorized access to or alteration, disclosure or destruction of the site data and against its accidental loss or destruction, including without limitation taking all necessary steps to ensure that all users are aware of and comply with those measures;
      5. It shall use site solely for its internal business purposes and shall not exploit site or any of its contents for any commercial purpose.
      6. It shall comply in all respects with the Acceptable Use Policy of Electric Ireland’s authentication service provider, available at www.twilio.com/legal/aup
    2. The customer shall indemnify and keep Electric Ireland, its officers, board members, agents, employees and sub-contractors, fully indemnified against all losses, liabilities, damages, claims, actions, causes of action, and expenses of any nature for injury or death of any person or damage to property or any claims brought against Electric Ireland arising out of the breach by customer or any user of these Terms and Conditions.
  5. Data
    1. All data on the site remains the property of Electric Ireland.
    2. Links to other sites:
      1. Certain links, including hypertext links, in the site will take a customer outside the site. The customer acknowledges and agrees that links are provided for its convenience and inclusion of any link does not imply approval or endorsement by Electric Ireland of the linked site, its operator or its content. Electric Ireland accepts no responsibility for the content of any website outside the site nor any information provided on site by any third party sites.
    3. Data protection
      1. The customer agrees that Electric Ireland may collect, store and use information about it and its users in accordance with the Electric Ireland privacy notice. The customer acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms of the Electric Ireland privacy notice as outlined on the site.
    4. In order for Electric Ireland to provide the customer with an effective service, it is necessary for us to collect and use users’ personal data. This data is used to manage the site and for operational reasons.
    5. The customer warrants that all users' personal data disclosed to Electric Ireland have been provided with the users' consent and the users' have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions concerning data protection. Electric Ireland may keep the user's data for a reasonable period after the customer ceases to be supplied with electricity but will not keep it for any longer than is necessary and/or as required by law.
    6. Electric Ireland may disclose users' data to other members of the ESB group and third parties who act on behalf of Electric Ireland in connection with the customer. Such third parties are only permitted to use these data as instructed by Electric Ireland. They are also required to keep users' data safe and secure.
    7. Data provided by the customer in connection with the use of the site shall only be disclosed to parties (including Electric Ireland’s affiliates) involved in the provision of the SME Premium Insights service and/or Electric Ireland Flexible Product Manager and will not be disclosed to any other party except as required by law.
  6. Disclaimer
    1. The information contained in this website/application is of a general nature and is provided for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a complete definitive statement in relation to any specific issue.
    2. Access to and use of this website/application is at the user's sole risk. Personal data passed through the Internet may not be protected or secure outside Electric Ireland's website/application. Electric Ireland, its directors, employees, servants and agents, affiliates or other representatives and their respective parent and subsidiary companies (hereinafter referred to as "Electric Ireland") is unable to guarantee the security of data outside its own computer systems, should you wish to use this mode of communication.
    3. Electric Ireland makes no representation, warranty or undertaking (express or implied) with respect to, and does not accept any responsibility for, the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this website/application. Electric Ireland does not accept responsibility for updating information contained in this website/application and therefore it should not be assumed that the information contained herein is necessarily accurate, complete or up-to-date at any given time. The information contained herein may also be subject to interference from third parties. Users should independently verify all statements contained in the website/application.
    4. As content on the website/application is copyrighted, any unauthorized use of any materials on the website/application may violate copyright, trademark and other laws. Should a user download the materials on the website/application for personal or non-commercial use, the user must retain all copyright, trademark or other similar notices contained in the original materials on or any copies of the material. Materials on this website/application may not be modified, reproduced or publicly displayed, performed or distributed or used for any public or commercial purposes.
    5. Electric Ireland is not responsible for any loss or damage occasioned by any user of this website/application, direct or indirect, financial or otherwise, arising as a result of access to or reliance on the information contained in this website/application or any statement or claim set out herein. The information contained in this website/application does not constitute an offer of, or an invitation by or on behalf of Electric Ireland or any other party, to provide any service outlined or referred to in this website/application, either directly or indirectly.
    6. Third-party links are provided as a convenience to our users. Electric Ireland does not control and is not responsible for any of these sites or their content. Electric Ireland is obligated to protect its reputation and trademarks and Electric Ireland reserves the right to request removal of any link to our website/application. Explicit permission is required to use the Electric Ireland logo. To request this written approval, contact the Webmaster or use the "Contact Us" feature.
      The following weblink activities are explicitly prohibited by Electric Ireland and may present trademark and copyright infringement issues:
      1. Links that involve unauthorized use of Electric Ireland's logo.
      2. Framing, inline links or metatags.
      3. Hyperlinks or a form of link that disguises the URL and bypass the homepage.
    7. Access to and use of information contained in this website/application may be prohibited in certain jurisdictions and information contained in this website/application should not be used in any jurisdiction where such prohibitions apply. Nothing contained herein should be construed as an authorisation to use the information contained herein in jurisdictions where such prohibitions apply.
    8. Access to and use of this website/application and the information contained in the website/application is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland. The Courts of the Republic of Ireland have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to the resolution of disputes or claims arising out of the use of and the information contained in the website/application.
  7. Intellectual property rights

    All rights, including all intellectual property rights, in the design, text, graphics and other material on site and the selection or arrangement thereof are owned by Electric Ireland. Permission is granted hereby to electronically copy and print in hard copy parts of the site solely in connection with access. Any other use of materials on the site (including reproduction for the purposes other than those noted above and alterations, modifications, distribution or republication) without the prior written permission of the Electric Ireland is strictly prohibited.

  8. Governing law

    These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Ireland and each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts.

  9. Validity

    If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or part the validity of the other provisions of these conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected thereby.

  10. Termination
    1. Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies to which it may be entitled, Electric Ireland shall be entitled to terminate these Terms and Conditions and all access without notice and without liability to the customer by giving notice to the customer at any time and, in particular, without limitation, if:
      1. The customer or any of its users is in material breach of these Terms and Conditions.
      2. The customer ceases to be a customer of Electric Ireland.
    2. Electric Ireland reserves the right to withdraw and discontinue the site at any time without prior notice and without any liability.
  11. Variation

    Electric Ireland reserves the right at any time without notice to revise the content of site (including the services offered by Electric Ireland) and these Terms and Conditions. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be posted on site and by continuing to use the site following publication of any such change a Customer signifies that it agrees to be bound by the revised Terms and Conditions.